tuxemon.event.conditions.has_box module

class tuxemon.event.conditions.has_box.HasBoxCondition[source]

Bases: EventCondition

Check to see how many monsters are in the box.

Script usage

is has_box <box>,<operator>,<value>
Script parameters:
  • operator – Numeric comparison operator. Accepted values are “less_than”, “less_or_equal”, “greater_than”, “greater_or_equal”, “equals” and “not_equals”.

  • value – The value to compare the party with.

  • box – The box name.

name: ClassVar[str] = 'has_box'
test(session, condition)[source]

Return True if the condition is satisfied, or False if not.

  • session (Session) – Object containing the session information.

  • condition (MapCondition) – Condition defined in the map.


Value of the condition.

Return type: