tuxemon.technique.effects.statchange module

class tuxemon.technique.effects.statchange.StatChangeEffect[source]

Bases: TechEffect

Change combat stats.

value: The number to change the stat by, default is add, use

negative to subtract.

dividing: Set this to True to divide instead of adding or

subtracting the value.

overridetofull: In most cases you won’t need this. If True it

will set the stat to its original value rather than the specified value, but due to the way the game is coded, it currently only works on hp.

apply(tech, user, target)[source]
  • tech (Technique) –

  • user (Monster) –

  • target (Monster) –

Return type:


name: ClassVar[str] = 'statchange'
session: Session
class tuxemon.technique.effects.statchange.StatChangeEffectResult(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: dict

success: bool