tuxemon.event.actions.set_player_name module

final class tuxemon.event.actions.set_player_name.SetPlayerNameAction(choice)[source]

Bases: EventAction

Set player name without opening the input screen.

Script usage

set_player_name name
set_player_name name:name
Script parameters:
  • choice – single name or multiple names

  • separated by “ – ” (random choice)

  • the names must be in the PO file


choice (str) –

choice: str
name: ClassVar[str] = 'set_player_name'

Called only once, when the action is started.

For all actions, you will need to override this method.

For actions that only need to run one frame you can simply put all the code here. If the action will need to run over several frames, you can init your action here, then override the update method.

Return type: