Source code for scripts.verify_monsters

Some basic checks to make sure the monster json is valid. Assumes all JSON
files are properly formatted.

Currently this will:
* verify that the techniques are defined in the techniques
* verify that the sprite files exist

Path checking is very forgiving and paths are normalized
as much as possible.  This permits paths to use windows
or unix style separators
* Should we change this?

Checking is done with slugs.

- Leif
import json
from glob import glob
from os.path import join, basename, normpath, exists

# define the root folder used in the json files
sprite_root = 'gfx'

# assume run from test folder
resources_folder = normpath('../tuxemon/resources')

db_folder = join(resources_folder, 'db')
gfx_folder = join(resources_folder, 'gfx')

sprites_folder = join(gfx_folder, 'sprites', 'battle')
sprites_glob = join(sprites_folder, '*.*')

technique_folder = join(db_folder, 'technique')
technique_glob = join(technique_folder, '*.json')

monster_folder = join(db_folder, 'monster')
monster_glob = join(monster_folder, '*.json')

# use monster-formatted sprite section
# return a set of sprites, normalized
[docs]def normalize_sprites(data): return set(map(normpath, data.values()))
[docs]def get_slugs(pattern): retval = set() for fn in glob(pattern): with open(fn) as _fp: data = json.load(_fp) retval.add(data['slug']) return retval
[docs]def load_keys(filename): with open(filename) as _fp: return set(json.load(_fp).keys())
all_techniques = get_slugs(technique_glob) errors = set() for fn in glob(monster_glob): filename = basename(fn) print('verifying {}...'.format(filename)) with open(fn) as fp: data = json.load(fp) # check that technique slugs exist for tech in data['moveset']: if tech['technique'] not in all_techniques: print('\tcannot find {}'.format(tech['technique'])) errors.add(filename) # check that sprites exist sprites = normalize_sprites(data['sprites']) for fn in sprites: path = join(resources_folder, fn) if not exists(path): print('\tcannot find {}'.format(path)) errors.add(filename) if errors: print("These monsters are non-conforming:") print_list(errors) else: print("It all checks out.")